Daily Archives: 11.09.2016

Origami iris
We put origami Iris from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold in half again. 3. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of paper. 4. Turn. 5. Fold the “valley” the top layer of paper. 6. Straighten and flatten out the top […]


Origami cornflower
 We fold origami of a flower cornflower from paper . For our cornflower need 4 square sheet of paper. 1. Gently fold sheet diagonally. 2. Fold the sheet edge on the line as it shows the shooter in the picture.Turn  workpiece of origami of a cornflower by 45 degrees counterclockwise. 3. […]


Origami anemone
We fold a flower an anemone from paper. For this purpose we need seven small square sheets of paper, each of which will become a petal. 1. Fold each petal of an anemone in half. 2. In the resulting rectangle fold the edge of one layer of the paper diagonally upward. 3. On […]