Daily Archives: 25.09.2016

Origami buttercup
We fold a flower  buttercup from paper. For this  you need four small square sheets of paper. 1. Make diagonal creases. 2. Fold two opposite diagonal corners on dashed  lines. Corners should agree on the point  intersection of the diagonals. 3. Unbend as shown in the picture, bent edge of the buttercup petal […]


Origami inflatable rabbit
We fold  inflatable rabbit from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it horizontally. 2. Fold it in half again. 3. Pull only one layer of paper for the top left corner, and then open and flatten out. 4. Turn. 5. Fold  “valley”. 6. Open and flatten another […]

Inflatable rabbit

Origami crow
Now we will do origami crow from paper. 1. Make two fold “valley” and expand. So you will plan diagonals. 2.  Combine sides with vertical diagonal. Then develop. 3. Mark two more same folds. 4. Turn off “mountain” the lower part of the workpiece. 5. The basic form of “triangle” with the planned […]