Daily Archives: 16.10.2016

Origami rabbit
We fold  of origami of a rabbit from paper Body 1. The basic form of “kite” there will develop a little different. Plan vertical diagonal on the square sheet of paper. 2. Mark two more folds. 3. Turn off the lower part of sheet up. 4. Fold the “valley” sides. 5. […]

Rabbit 2

Origami leveret
In this article we will put a leveret from paper. For this origami we need two square sheets of paper. Head 1. Fold the base form “triangle”. Mark a fold the middle of the workpiece. 2. Fold “mountain” the lower part. 3. Turn off “mountain” the right side. 4. Follow the […]


Origami angora cat
In this article we will learn  how to fold with you  of origami of the Angora cat from paper. For this purpose we need the square sheet of paper. 1. Fold a square on diagonals. 2. Fold one corner to the center and turn the figure. 3. Fold the two strips to […]

Angora cat