Daily Archives: 27.11.2016

Origami Boat – Sailboat
We fold a boat sailboat from paper. 1. Fold two parties to the middle. 2. Now bend a half back. 3. Fold as shown in the picture. Overturn and repeat on the other side. 4. Check the result. Lower one part down (open a figure). 5. Check the result. We fold diagonally,so that […]

Boat – Sailboat

Origami Racing machine
We fold the racing machine from paper. 1. Fold a sheet of A4 in half. 2. Make the basic forms “double triangle” at the top of and in the bottom of a strip. 3. Fold lateral faces to the  midline. 4. Put the angles to the center line. 5. Connect the points […]

Racing machine

Origami Sliding boy
 Today we fold sliding boy from paper. 1. Fold diagonally. 2. Divide a corner in 180 degrees into three equal parts and  fold the sides of of a triangle toward the central parts. 3. Result. Turn on the table and turn. 4. Draw the boy’s face, arms and legs.Fold the workpiece “mountain”. Then […]

Sliding boy

Origami Dog
Now we going to fold  a dog from paper. Head 1. You have to planned  vertical diagonal,  and fold basic form  “triangle”. 2. Fold up “valley” one layer of paper. 3. Make two folds “valley”. 4. Open pockets and flatten out, having executed two folds “mountain”. 5. Lay inside corner […]