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Origami Wolf
Author Alfredo Giunta 1. Bend square diagonally and bend to her two adjacent sides. 2. Fold two other sides. 3. Fold figure in half. 4. Fold right sharp angle inward so that fold line of the side shared by about two equal parts. 5. Please note – formed right angles.On the right […]


Origami Sparrow
We fold  sparrow from paper. 1. Fold sides to the diagonal. 2. Corner unbend  “mountain”. 3. Do two folds “valley” . 4. Pull  corners to the sides. 5. Result. Fold small corners “valley”. 6. Do another fold “valley”. 7. Result. Top layer of paper unbend”valley”. 8. Fold the workpiece in half. 9. Bend inside corner and […]


Origami Letter
We fold the letter from paper, origami still calls an envelope. Let’s take the album sheet of paper. 1. Fold two folds “valley”. 2. Fold “valley”. 3. Fold back strip along the marked line. 4. Tuck the top corner of a strip. 5. Fold “valley” two folds. 6. Turn away right […]

Letter (Envelope)

Origami Box star
We fold a box “star” from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold in half again. 3. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of paper. 4. Turn. 5. Fold  “valley” the top layer of paper. 6. Straighten and flatten out the top […]

Box star