Daily Archives: 25.12.2016

Origami Crane in the nest
Fold cranes in the nest from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold the workpiece “valley” in half. 3. Open “mountain” a pocket and flatten out. 4. Turn. 5. Put the top layer of paper to the right. 6. Open and flatten out one […]

Crane in the nest

Origami Goldfish
In this article, we will learn how to fold  goldfish from the paper. 1. Fold the basic form  “triangle”. 2. Fold  “valley” sides of the workpiece. 3. Make  two more folds “valley”, unbent upward only one layer of paper. 4. Fold the triangle in half again. 5. Turn off corners up. 6. […]


Origami Caterpillar
Fold caterpillar from paper. Practically everything can cope with this scheme, even the smallest beginners.If you fold with small children,  them should show how to fold an accordion a body in point 4. And for those,who have long folds  origami and a lot can this scheme caterpillar can also be useful. Take a […]


Origami Angel
In this article we will learn how to fold origami of an angel from paper. 1. Mark two diagonals in the square. Fold into a triangle. 2. Side corners lower  down. Turn the figure. 3. Put, having divided the top corner into three equal parts, at the same time freeing up back […]