Daily Archives: 22.01.2017

Fold origami goose from paper. 1. Fold square of diagonally. 2. Fold along the bisectors of angles, combining upper and lower sides  vertical. 3. Bend at the same time on all of the lines. 4. Fold along the bisector of the specified angle (the left edge of the top triangle coincides with […]


Fold origami bull from paper. 1. Put a square the color side to yourself, bend corners to crossing of in advance planned diagonals and turn a figure. 2. Fold sides toward the center,  trying not to bend at the same time triangles behind. Bend a figure in half. 3. Bend on the planned […]


Now we will learn how to fold  bull terrier from paper. Author: Elena Afonkina.    1. Fold a square diagonally and fold to her lower sides. 2. Lower a triangle down and turn a figure. 3. Fold upper sides on the the bisectors to the central diagonal. 4. Bend a […]

Bull Terrier

Fold a swan from paper. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop. 2. To the planned line fold the lower and top corners. 3. The basic form  “kite”. Turn. 4. Fold “valley”  sides to the center line. 5. Fold the workpiece in half. 6. Fold in half […]

Swan 2