Daily Archives: 07.02.2017

Fold origami sea lion from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and mark a vertical diagonal. 2. Fold lateral sides to the middle of the sheet and develop. 3. Mark 2 more folds. 4. Now mark  horizontal diagonal. 5. Fold lateral sides to the middle. 6. Basic form “fish”. […]

Sea lion

«Pajarito» in spanish means “bird”. Image of this figure serves as a symbol of the Center of origami in Spain. Fold bird from paper. 1. Fold two sides to the middle . 2. Fold a half back. 3. Fold as shown in the picture. Overturn and repeat on the other side. 4. […]


In this article  we’ll learn how to fold bat from paper. For this we need a square sheet of paper.   1. A square sheet of paper folded in half. 2. Mark line bending and straightening figure as shown in the picture. 3. Now bend our figure-that would make a  boat so, […]


In this article we learn how to to fold origami muzzle of a mouse  from paper.For this we need a square sheet of paper. 1. Plan a fold on the diagonal of a square sheet having bent and having unbent the sheet of paper. 2. Fold sheet of paper in half […]

Mouse (Head)

Fold a muzzle of a dog from paper. 1. Fold a square sheet diagonally. 2. Fold  a lower part of the triangle as shown in the picture. 3. Fold a part of future ear down. Overturn figure. 4. Fold arbitrarily the second ear . 5. Origami ” muzzle of a dog” is […]

Dog (Head)