Origami Angel

In this article we will learn how to fold origami of an angel from paper.

1. Mark two diagonals in the square. Fold into a triangle.

2. Side corners lower  down. Turn the figure.

3. Put, having divided the top corner into three equal parts, at the same time freeing up back corners.

4. Stretch the corners to the sides before combination of secondary folds in the center.

5. Lift up the side corners.

6. Mark  parallel lines.

7. Hide the lateral angles inside.

8. Lower the corners down through planned lines.

9. Turn off corners outside.

10. The upper corners lower back. Turn figure.

11. Put bottom corners inside. Turn a figure.

12. Create the wings, as shown in the picture.

13.The top triangle fold  down.

14. Origami angel is ready!

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