Bell flower 2

We fold  of origami a flower bell from paper.

1. A square sheet fold diagonally on the dotted line, as shown in the picture.

2. Bend the turned out triangle once again on a vertical dotted line.

3.The upper layer workpiece origami bell (triangle) straighten to the right that it was transformed to a rhombus on the left.

4. Turn the workpiece of  bell.

5. The top layer of our future flower straighten on lines from left to right that  he would have transformed into a rhombus.

6. Gently flex the the sides of the workpiece origami on the dotted lines in the central fold line. The sides should meet on fold line.

7. Unbend the fold corners back,that equal excesses were  formed as a result.

8. Impose an excess on the one hand on another on dotted lines, as shown.

9. Action 7-8  repeat at the all sides workpiece.

10. Make an excess on the line shown in the picture.

11. Fold side corners from each party to the middle of workpiece.

12. Unbend all top corners down, future petals of a flower from paper.

13.  Tighten up petals of the bell using the ends of scissors. Origami flower bell is ready.

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