Fold origami bull from paper.

1. Put a square the color side to yourself, bend corners to crossing of in advance planned diagonals and turn a figure.

2. Fold sides toward the center,  trying not to bend at the same time triangles behind. Bend a figure in half.

3. Bend on the planned lines, pulling out the triangles at the back.

4. Check the result and bend the lower part of the figure upwards.

5. In front and behind bend the top halves of a figure down.

6. Bend the top halves of four extreme triangles inside (all four acute angles have to appear below).

7. Bend inside four triangles in front and four behind.

8. At the left and on the right bend the top layer of paper towards the central vertical (folds lines – not bisector!) above two small pockets reveal and flattened out.

9. At the  left and at the  right bend into triangles; pull them up.

10. Check the results and wrap future nose back.

11. Figure half largely.Bend inside two small triangles in the basis of future horn (the line of a bend is shown by points inside). Repeat at the left.

12. Make a horn twice thinner. Fold one layer of paper. Repeat to the left.

13. Curve a horn tip outside. Repeat at the left.

14. Check the results and Fold all the layers of paper on the specified lines.Next picture – side view.

15. Stretch a figure for the head and a tail. In front and behind bend inside the wide field of paper district of the front legs on the specified lines.

16. Top view. Pinch the tail (make him thinner)also bend inside tips of all four legs (at the same time reveal them almost completely).

17. Origami bull is  ready.

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