Origami buttercup

We fold a flower  buttercup from paper. For this  you need four small square sheets of paper.

1. Make diagonal creases.

2. Fold two opposite diagonal corners on dashed  lines. Corners should agree on the point  intersection of the diagonals.

3. Unbend as shown in the picture, bent edge of the buttercup petal ago, as shown by the arrow.Turn the turned out workpiece by 45 degrees clockwise.


4. Fold corner along  the dotted line with the left side of the workpiece to the fold line origami previously obtained as shown by the arrow in the picture.

5. Turn the turned out workpiece of origami of a buttercup.

6. Petals of a buttercup connect at an angle 90 degrees and carefully glue.

7. Origami a flower of a buttercup is ready.

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