Origami Butterfly

Hey.Today I will teach you to make the butterfly from paper.

1. Take the paper white side up.
Now fold in half and open, and then fold in half to the other side.

2. Now fold the paper in half diagonally, both ways.

3. Fold all four corners to the center and press down well.

4. Now you need to flip and fold all four corners to the center again.

5. Your folds should be as follows (look at the picture).

It looks complicated, but do not worry!

6.Fold the outer edges to the center line.

 7.You should keep each inside edge from the point in the center, bring the edges to the points shown in the picture.

Then fold the top edge down and press down.

8. Rotate the model, and repeat step 7.

9. Fold the top half of the backwards and press down.

10. Fold the front outside corners.

11. Fold the outer corners of the inside, as shown in the picture.

12. Currently fold in half butterfly.

13. Now fold times the upper layer in the opposite direction at a prescribed angle.

14. And now fold the rear wing and back at the same angle.

15. The last thing you need to do is open out.

Your origami of paper butterfly is complete!

Here you can watch the video how to do origami:

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