Cat – White Socks

Origami Cat - White Socks

Fold  a cat with white “stockings” on pads from paper. For her folding you will need the black-and-white sheet of paper of the A4 format.


1. Take a  sheet of the A4 format.

Fold it in the middle and fold the the lower corners to the center line.

2.Fold the lower lateral  sides to the center for bisectors of bottom corners.

3. The top sides bend backwards.

4. Fold figure in half.

5. Result. Now you will be engaged  ears.

6. Fold the top layer of paper on bisectors of two corners. Repeat behind.

7. Fold along the line  wich connecting the point of their crossing and the right angle.

8. Bend on all three planned bisectors. Position the fold line “mountain” will outlined automatically. Repeat behind.

9. Check the result and bend the left part of a figure to the right.

10. Fold the right side of the figures on the bisector of the top corner.  At the left open and flatten out the pocket.

11. Future tail bend inside on the planned line. Lift a nose tip on a muzzle up.

12. Pull out the tip of the tail outward.

13. Bend a triangle above back and slightly open a figure bottom.

14. Origami “Cat in white socks” is ready.

Video of the scheme of folding of origami “Cat in white socks”:

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