The movable origami

The movable folding origami circuit. Everything that moves, jumps, skips.

Now we will learn how to fold origami frog from paper . 1. Mark the vertical diagonal, fold basic form “triangle”. 2. By the middle of the workpiece fold angles, and then flatten out the resulting folds.Fold corners “valley” to the top corner. 3. Fold  “valley” the top corner of  paper. 4. […]

Talking frog 2

Fold  origami talking crow from paper. 1. Fold the square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then expand. 2. Now fold “valley” all the corners to the center. 3. Basic form  “pancake”. 4. Unbend “mountain” to all corners to the center. 5. Fold workpiece “valley”. 6. Again fold in […]

Talking Crow

Origami Sliding boy
 Today we fold sliding boy from paper. 1. Fold diagonally. 2. Divide a corner in 180 degrees into three equal parts and  fold the sides of of a triangle toward the central parts. 3. Result. Turn on the table and turn. 4. Draw the boy’s face, arms and legs.Fold the workpiece “mountain”. Then […]

Sliding boy

We fold  of the walking gnome from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it horizontally. 2. Fold it in half again. 3. Pull only one layer of paper for the top left corner, and then open and flatten out. 4.Turn. 5. Fold “valley”. 6. Open and flatten out […]

Gnome “walking”

Origami crow
Now we will do origami crow from paper. 1. Make two fold “valley” and expand. So you will plan diagonals. 2.  Combine sides with vertical diagonal. Then develop. 3. Mark two more same folds. 4. Turn off “mountain” the lower part of the workpiece. 5. The basic form of “triangle” with the planned […]


Origami Cracker
We collect origami cracker. Such cracker from paper was collected, and collected in the school, all children our homeland. Otherwise it is origami call still “Pugach” . It is the best of all to fold  with a double writing-book leaf. 1. Mark the line. 2. Fold “valley” four folds. 3. Fold in […]


Origami Pinwheel
On this page we will learn to do pinwheel from paper which rotates from wind. For this purpose we need a square sheet of paper of any color. 1. We do 4 diagonal cut as shown in the picture. It is better previously to bend and unbend the sheet of paper diagonally. 2.  Twist a tubule […]


Origami Talking fox
Fold from the paper talking fox. 1.Fold the square sheet of paper “valley” in half and straighten the fold. 2.Now fold the sheet across. 3. To the line planned in paragraph 1, fold “valley” sides. 4. Straighten the pocket, having flattened out the top part of workpiece. 5. Basic “House” form. 6. Now you […]

Talking fox

Origami Fortune Teller
1. Start with white side up. Fold diagonally in both directions. 2. Fold each corner into the centre point. 3. Turn over and again fold each corner into the centre point. 4. Fold in half along creases shown, both ways, and open. 5. Number each segment from 1-8. 6. Open […]

Fortune Teller

Origami Flapping Bird
1. Start with a square piece of paper, coloured side up. Fold in half twice as shown to create these creases. 2. Turn the paper over to the white side. Fold the paper in half, crease well and open, and then fold again in the other direction. 3. Using the […]

Flapping Bird