Origami Caterpillar

Fold caterpillar from paper. Practically everything can cope with this scheme, even the smallest beginners.If you fold with small children,  them should show how to fold an accordion a body in point 4. And for those,who have long folds  origami and a lot can this scheme caterpillar can also be useful.

Take a square sheet of paper, better green.

1. On square sheet of paper mark  diagonal line.Bend and unbend a sheet on diagonal.

2. Divide other diagonal approximately into 3 equal parts. These parts do not have to turn out the same, but the more exactly it will turn out, the our caterpillar will be better. Fold as shown in the picture and check the following picture.

3. Turn.

4. Make the folds, amount does not matter.Important thing that the last fold designating a tail.

5. Fold in half future caterpillar .

6. Wrap the front triangle forming the head of a caterpillar.

7. Slightly curve origami caterpillar.

8. Origami caterpillar is ready!

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