Origami Chicken

In this article, we will learn how to fold chicken from paper.

1. Fold a square on  diagonal.

2. Fold  triangle which you obtained in half.

3. The top corner fold to the middle of the basis.

4. By the receive the intersection fold the two sheets of paper.

5. Bend the left and right corners so that  halves of the basis  make right angles with lateral sides of a figure.

6. Fold the triangles wich are beyond to the sides.

7.Bend them outside (you will have almost completely uncover figure).

8. Check the result  and fold white triangles in half.

9. Fold to the top two sheets of paper (fold line cuts off about a third of the height of the triangle).

10. Fold in half and turn the figure.

11. Fold a future tail inward .

12. Pull it outwards.

13. Check the correct position of the tail and bend inward small triangle on the back.This difficult action, on the following picture it is shown in more detail.

14. Grasp fingers of the left hand the head of future chicken, andand a thumb right press on her back. “Slightly open” figure (this plan is shown in the picture), press a part of a back under the head and again “close” a figure.

As a result, head has got volume.

15. View from below.When “closing” a figure the right triangle completely enters a pocket of left (previouslydeliver triangles right angles to the the sides of the figure).

16. Back view. Press down on the sides.

17. The correct result.  Now the chicken is standing on a triangular base.

Now we will be engaged a beak.

18. Holding with fingers the head of chicken,a bit lower down  both sides of the beak.

19. Bend inside the top corner of a forehead and slightly open a beak – lower his half down.

20. The chicken is ready incubate posterity!

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