Origami for children and beginners

This website contains circuits and videos of folding origami.

At the moment resources are mostly designed for beginners, almost all circuits assemblies are quite simple, but interesting even for those who have been interested in origami.

1. There is nothing to do with the child.Teach him how to fold a simple origami from paper. This isn’t only interested him, but also develop fine motor finger, to learn patience and attentiveness , introduce with  the word around  them.  All children love to do something with their own hands, and not only the children. I think all people are always with  pleasant  to create something, so you could proudly say: “I made it myself”.

2.The best gift – made with their own hands extraordinary crafts out of paper is a great option, because the gift obtain absolutely unique and most importantly. It isn’t  just hastily bought the thing in the shop,  it is the original thing that has been made specially for which a person has spent time sorting out circuit of origami, and sometimes not even one hour. Someone will say that give paper crafts not serious, but just look at this rose, as the real one! And of these, you can collect a whole bunch.Of course, you can give and money, but also here you can to present a gift creatively folded from paper money hare or a bull.

3.Valentine cards. Yes,here also possible to show individuality and surprise your couple  not an ordinary cut from paper heart and a beautiful accurate valentine paper folded in origami technique.

4.Useful things in the  paper envelope,beautiful gift boxes or frameworks for photos.All of this is primarily an original, unusual and is not difficult to do by yourself step by step origami circuits.

5. Origami is a way decorate the room.Swan made of paper modules can occupy a great place in any home and enchain admiring glances from guests.We should not forget about Kusudama – bright flower balls. Such crafts out of paper can be hung on a rope in every corner of the apartment.

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