Origami cornflower

 We fold origami of a flower cornflower from paper . For our cornflower need 4 square sheet of paper.

1. Gently fold sheet diagonally.

2. Fold the sheet edge on the line as it shows the shooter in the picture.Turn  workpiece of origami of a cornflower by 45 degrees counterclockwise.

3. Fold along the dotted lines corners of workpiece, as shown in the picture,that as a result they have converged on the billet center our cornflower.

4. Turn the workpiece origami.

5. Fold the corner the turned out figure by the dashed line and the shooter.

6. Turn the workpiece.

7. Four or six petals of cornflower connect together the lower parts with glue or a stapler.

8. Origami a flower of a cornflower is ready.

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