Origami crow

Now we will do origami crow from paper.

1. Make two fold “valley” and expand. So you will plan diagonals.

2.  Combine sides with vertical diagonal. Then develop.

3. Mark two more same folds.

4. Turn off “mountain” the lower part of the workpiece.

5. The basic form of “triangle” with the planned lines.According to crossing of two folds on the center fold “mountain”, and then develop.On the line planned in №2 flatten out.

The explanation to point 5:

5.1. The triangle of ABC is fold in half so that the planned line DE has turned out.Further the piece of AD should match  with AC. Everything else should be able itself, you will only need to properly smooth. Repeat on the other side.

6.Repeat on the other side.

7. Turn off one layer of paper down.

8. Mark two folds on the lower and top triangles.

9. Mark on the same parts of the workpiece on one fold.

10. Mark two fold “valley”, and then all of workpiece fold “mountain.” Turn.

11. Result.

2. If you  begin to move apart wings of a crow, she “caws”.

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