Origami cube

Now we will put origami  cube from paper.


1. The basic form  “door”. Develop.

2. Fold top right and lower left corners “valley”.

3. Fold sides  to the center line.

4. Fold the workpiece on  the  specified lines, and then develop.

5. Fill the bottom right corner in a pocket.

6. Fill the top left corner in a pocket.

7. That has turned out. Turn.

8. Connect the lower and top right corners both the top and lower left corners. Then turn.

9.In the resulting workpiece has two pockets and two inserts. In order to collect the cube, you need to do 5 more such pieces, and then collect them.

10. So connect two pieces.

11. That has turned out. The third module need to insert in the specified pocket below.

12.Now it is necessary to connect 3 workpiece.

13.  Оrigami the Cube is ready. Paint his sides with bright paints.

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