Origami dachshund

Fold dachshund from paper.

1. Start with a square size of about 9×9 cm and fold it diagonally.

2. Bend all four corners to the center.

3. Bend on diagonals.

4. Bend back to the midline.

5. Now bend at the same time on the lines planned in paragraphs 3-4.

6. Bend on a bisector of the right top corner.

Repeat with the left back triangle.

7. Open and flatten out right top and left back triangular pockets.

The figure should get symmetric.

8. Bend inward figures right triangle.

9. Unbend a half of the top ear.

10. Bend inside and pull  upward and to the  the lower right triangle.

11. Bring back half an ear in place.

12. Turn out a future nose (left) and hook to the body (right).

The figures have to opened for this purpose thoroughly.

13. The arrow has shown  the place with a point of fixing of a body.

Try to bend inward top of the head.

14. Result. If it will not turn out, leave  head as it is – with sharp top.

15. Now we will  engage a body.Take rectangular 9×12 cm.

Bend it along the center line and fold the sides to it.

16. Mark the four corner.

17. Bend two strips.

18. Open top and a bottom of a figure.Marked point must be the same.

19. Check the results.The top trapeze fold in half, bend lower on the specified lines.

20. Lines of a bend – a bisector of corners.

21. We will be engaged in the top corners of a figure.

Open and flatten out  the pocket. The points must be the same

22. Throw a triangle to the right.

23. Hide it in the left pocket.

24. Double wrap only the top layer of paper.

25. The arrow has shown the place of gearing of the head, at the left on the right – a tail.

After connecting all three parts of the body folded in half.

26. To take the tail strip 3 x 7 cm.Bend it along the center line and fold the sides to it.

27. On the right bend two corners.

28. On the right bend once again on bisectors of corners, and at the left make a fold lightning for engage the body.

29. The top bent part insert into a body (see picture 25th paragraph).

30. Immediately after birth  a dachshund from  weakness may pass one another legs.

To give her forces, several times walk a nail on lines of a bend of a back.

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