In this article, we will  fold paper origami daisy. For this take a square sheet of paper.

1. On the sheet make straight diagonal excesses.

2. Fold corners on  dotted lines to the center of a square from all directions.All angles should converge on the middle of the square, as shown  arrows. Turn workpiece  by 45 degrees.

3. Once again fold corners of the turned-out square on dotted lines, as shown arrows .In the  workpiece  origami of  daisy already  large number of layers of paper, so you have to  do accurately folds and  good to iron them. Turn the workpiece by 45 degrees

4. Fold the corners of workpiece along the dotted lines again, as shown by arrows.

5. Make excesses along the dotted lines in the picture. Try to make it straight. Turn the workpiece by 45 degrees clockwise. Turn the workpiece.

6. Approximately at right angles fold angles along the dotted lines on itself. figure rotate by 45 degrees clockwise. Turn the workpiece.

7. From the the center to the corners of the square unbend central part along the dotted lines.

8. Again unbend angles from the center to the sides, to the sides of the outer square.

9. Unbend the corners which have remained in an internal part in the parties of corners of an external square.

10. The unbent petals of a flower need to be straightened,  given to a product pomp.

The origami daisy  is ready.

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