Origami Dog

Now we going to fold  a dog from paper.


1. You have to planned  vertical diagonal,  and fold basic form  “triangle”.

2. Fold up “valley” one layer of paper.

3. Make two folds “valley”.

4. Open pockets and flatten out, having executed two folds “mountain”.

5. Lay inside corner of the lower layer of paper.

6.Head of a dog is ready.


7. Fold the square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then expand.

8. Fold  “valley” corners.

9. Bend the lower part of workpiece by  “mountain”.

10. Make on corners two folds “valley” and develop.

11. According to the planned lines fold inside.

12. Fold “mountain”. Turn.

13. Fold  “valley”. Turn.

14. Glue together details. So you get a dog. It can be fun or serious.

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