Dragon Head

Origami Dragon Head

Hello my dear guest. Now I will show you how to do origami the head of a dragon.

So we will start.

1.You need to take a square piece of paper color side up.

Fold in half in 2 directions.

2. Turn paper on the white side.

Fold paper in half and well open, and then fold once again in other direction.

3. Using folds which you have made,bring the top corners 3 models up to a bottom corner.

Then to reduce the model.

4. Now you need fold the bottom corner to the top corner.

5. Fold top outer corners towards the center line.

6. Now fold the top corner down.

7. Turn model and repeat steps 4-6 on the other side.

8. Now the dragon’s head is folded, all you need to do,it is just to open it.

9. Open him, carefully pulling the separate from the sides, as shown in the picture.

Our origami from paper the head of a dragon is ready.

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