Origami Goldfish

In this article, we will learn how to fold  goldfish from the paper.

1. Fold the basic form  “triangle”.

2. Fold  “valley” sides of the workpiece.

3. Make  two more folds “valley”, unbent upward only one layer of paper.

4. Fold the triangle in half again.

5. Turn off corners up.

6. Fold  “valley” only one layer of paper.

7. Turn off a strip “mountain”.

8. Fold the triangle “valley” again.

9. Fold “mountain” a small corner.

10. Since the two sides incise lower layer of paper.

11. Turn off the lower layer of paper “mountain”.

12. Open inside.

13. Mark the fold “valley”, and then open the right side of the workpiece. Bend inside a small corner – a nose of a small fish.

14. On the lower part make a fold “mountain”. Repeat on the other side.The tummy has turned out.

15. Cut a semicircle on the tail.

16. Goldfish is ready. Draw eyes and paint the fins.

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