You always wanted learn to make the heart of the paper? So we will help you.

1. First you need to take the paper white side up. Then add up in half and deploy. Further fold in half in the opposite direction and deploy.

2.Secondly fold down the top and bottom edges to the center line.

3. Next you need to  fold two bottom corners to top of the center pointand deploy.

4. And now you fold two top corners down to the bottom of the center pointand deploy.

5. Now you need to fold the outside edges so in the points specified and deploy.

6. Fold the all four corners in order to folds that have just made.

7. Now you are going to form heart. For this you need to hold in the corners of model, as shown in the illustration, and bring those corners together.

8. Still holding the model together, bring the outside edges toward each other.

9. You will need to lower both of triangles as shown on figure your model should look like.

10. Next put on the table and fold the two top corners down to fold and deploy.

11. Now you need to use these folds inside of backwards fold the corners.

12. Сurrently,bend down upper folds. And next to last you have to do fold the ends inward.

13. In the end you to bend the triangles.

Origami Heart

It is finished origami heart.

This is what you  should get. We hope that everything was simple and clear.

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