Horse 2

Fold horse from paper. There is one more similar scheme of origami of a pony which in details is a little more difficult in folding. You can look and choose which you like more Origami Pony.

1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop.

2. Now fold “valley” all the corners to the center.

3. The basic form  “pancake”.

4. Fold  workpiece “mountain” in half.

5. Again fold “mountain”.

6. Flatten out workpiece to the right.

7. Turn.

8. Make a fold “valley” and fold “mountain” and flatten out right part of workpiece to the left.

9. Open the top layer of paper. In this will help you fold “mountain”. Repeat with the other side.

10. Turn off the left part of workpiece to the right. Repeat on the other side.

11. Wrap lateral sides the workpiece to the center line, make two fold “valley”. Repeat on the other side.

12. Turn off “valley” lateral sides of the upper part of workpiece.

13. Result. Fold “valley” the top layer of paper. Repeat with the other side.

14. On the specified line fold inside the left corner.

15. Fold “mountain” the top layer of paper. Repeat with the other hand. Now you’ll need a pair of scissors. Make an incision two layers of paper on the top part and create the lower part of model.

16. Result. On a cut bend inside a small corner.

17. Again, take the scissors and make fluffier mane and tail horse. And now we will start formation of a muzzle.

18. Turn off “mountain” upward a small corner.

19. Origami horse is ready.

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