Horse head

Origami Horse (head)

Fold horse head from paper. Is very interesting and simple origami, if our cow to decorate, such as in this picture.


How to fold a cow’s head  you can  found here: Origami Cow (Head).

At first we need the square sheet of paper. This is a very simple of origami, composed the horse’s head from the basic form of a bird, and only four extra points.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.

2. Fold the workpiece “valley” in half.

3. Open “mountain” a pocket and flatten out.


5.Scroll to the right top layer of paper.

6. Open and flatten out another pocket.

7. Fold “valley” lateral sides.

8. Develop.

9. Open the top pocket, carrying out all specified folds.

10. Turn.

11. Mark the two side folds.

12. Open a pocket, repeating all folds from point №9.

13. The basic form “bird”.

14. Fold the two upper triangle backwards and and in the parties as shown in the picture – it will be ears of a horse.size of ears is measured by eye. We bend the lower triangle upward.

15. Continue to form the horse’s ears and  bent them up  that looks like in the picture.

16. Raise high the lower triangle with bent tip  to the top.

16. Bend the designated triangle in the picture back.

17. Origami horse’s head is ready.

Origami Horse (head)

Now you need to decorate our origami.

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