Inflatable fish

Origami inflatable fish

We fold from paper an  inflatable fish.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it horizontally.

2. Fold it once again in half.

3. Pull only one layer of paper for the top left corner,and then open and flatten out.

4. Here is the result. Turn.

5. Fold the “valley”.

6. Open and flatten out another part of workpiece.

7. Basic form “double triangle”.


8.  Turn off the sides the one layer of paper up.

9. Fold the turned-out triangles in half, and then fix them.

10. Fold  corners of the right and left triangles to the center.

11. Turn off “valley”  both top corners.

12. Wrap triangles in pockets.

13. What you has turned out, then turn.

14. The sides fold “valley” to the central line.

15.Fold the “valley” right side of the workpiece.

16. Turn off left part to the top layer of paper to the right, as shown in picture.

17. The arrow shows a hole through which it is necessary to inflate a  fish.

18. The origami ” inflatable fish” is ready.

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