Origami kitten

Author: Alfredo Giunta

In this article we will learn how to fold origami kitten  from paper. For this we need two square sheet of paper.


1. Fold down the first square on middle lines and turn it.

2. Fold on diagonals, turn.

3. Fold at the same time on all of the lines.

4. Check the result and pull left and right ears up.Lines of a fold are crossed slightly above the middle of a figure.

5. Open the right side of the figure.

6. Fold only one layer of paper.

7. Expand the ear – make it volumetric.

8. Return the bent part into place and repeat points 5-8 with the left ear.

9. Fold upward two layers of paper.

10. Pull down the one triangle.

11. Several folds forming muzzle.

12. From the a lowered down triangle should stick small nose.

13. The fold lightning makes  a muzzle volume, similar to a low pyramid.

14. Fold the sticking out part of the up back . The fold line passes between the ears. Turn figure.

15. Type of the head behind. The arrow has specified the place of fixing of a body.

16. Muzzle is ready


For folding of body take the second sheet of paper.

17. Fold it diagonally and bend it to the lower parties.

18. Bend the internal parts on  bisectors figures the sides.

19. The triangles folded on the bisectors of  top . Side triangles are unbent outside.

20. Fold the figure in half backwards.

21. Bend the left part of a figure inside.

22. Check result and pull  future tail up.

23. Make him thinner.

24. Open the pocket.

25. Lift a triangle up.

26. Curve a tail and bend back triangles of shoulders .

27. In front and back make folds lightnings. They will give to a figure volume.

28. Fold speakers of the bottom part.The body has to stand steadily and exactly on a table.

29. The arrow shows the place of the head fixing.

Origami Kitten

30. Put several of these kittens and put them in a basket.

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