Napkin “Lotus flower”

Origami napkins lotus flower

In this article we will show you how to fold a lotus origami from paper.

We will need a square sheet of paper.

1. Mark the line on diagonals of the sheet flexing and unbent  back along the dashed  lines in the picture.

2. Fold four corners of square to the middle of future flower of  lotus.

3. Again it is necessary to bend on  planned lines to the center of workpiece origami.

4. Again repeat folding  corners to the center of the square.

5. Turn workpiece of origami  lotus.

6. Fold to the center from four corners for the planned lines.

7. Fold the small triangles to the center of the figure as shown  in the picture by arrows.

8. Turn  figure of future origami lotus.

9. Accurately, holding other part turn out future petals in other side of workpiece, thereby forming lotus petals of origami.

10. Turn out the second  batch of  petals.

11.Dish out the remained leaves of the lotus.

12. Our origami  Lotus from paper is ready.

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