Fold origami mouse from paper.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.

2. Fold the workpiece “valley” in half.

3. Open “mountain” a pocket and flatten out.


5.Scroll to the right top layer of paper.

6. Open and flatten out another pocket.

7. Fold “valley” lateral sides.

8. Develop.

9. Open the top pocket, carrying out all specified folds.

10. Turn.

11. Mark the two side folds.

12. Open a pocket, repeating all folds from point №9.

13. The basic form “bird”.

14. Fold sides towards the middle.

15. Bend inside and straighten in the parties.

16. Fold “valley” the top layer of paper.

17. Result. Turn.

18. Fold on the planned line and turn on a table.

19. Make an incision.

20. Fold the small angle forward.

21. Fold “valley”.

22. Obtain paws. Fold the bottom corner of the mouse backward.

23. Origami mouse  is ready. Draw her a muzzle.

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