We  fold origami Panda from paper  . Take the black and white sheet of paper. Put from him the basic square form the white party outside.


1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.

2. Fold in half again.

3. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of paper.

4. Turn.

5. Fold the “valley” the top layer of paper.

6. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of paper.

7. The basic form of “double square”. Rotated 180 degrees.

8. Pull out the right and left at the top of the triangle, bending them inside.

9. Flatten out projecting triangles.

10. Fold the squares in half.

11. Combine the left bottom corner with the right top.

12. One (external) of the two triangles remove the inside figure.

13. Result. Repeat step 5 on the left and turn the figure.

14. Open and flatten out a pocket, trying to repeat position of lines of bends. Repeat on the right.

15. Check result. At the top bend small corners, and below flatten out a pocket. Repeat on the right.

16. Check the results. Point indicates the position of the next fold line. Turn figure.

17. Fold up the lower right angle.

18. Bend only the top petal.

19. Fold up the lower right angle.

20. Central part of a muzzle close up. Fold the top parts of a trapeze on bisectors.

21. Top right angle fold down and bend backwards dumb corners of the left and right triangles.

22. Fold back the top two obtuse angles and lift up the small triangle next nose.

23. Fold back the right and left corner of the muzzle.

24. Fold the lower part cheeks. At the top make fold-lightning. She will give to a muzzle volume.

25. Fold back top of the head.

26. The muzzle is ready. It looks as  a triangular pyramid.Now we will be engage  a body.


27. Take the second black-and-white square (a half times bigger than the first) and put white party to yourself. Bend a third of the left half.

28. Combine the right edge with a point spaced one quarter of the center. Turn figure.

29. Fold the horizontal parties to the center.

30. Bend formed strips in half the . Turn a figure.

31. Check the result.

32. The right upper corner close up. Open the pocket.

33. Similarly open other three pockets on figure corners.

34. At the left make a fold lightning and turn a figure.

35. Fold the figure in half.

36. Bend inside a triangle.

37. Open the figure.

38. Fold it in half. In the middle of right part of the triangle at the same time rises. Mark the lines of folds in advance.

39. Holding paper around a circle, slightly open a figure. It is impossible to flatten out her completely so far.

40. Bend a figure in half. The right strip at the same time should be turned out outside. For this purpose push down  pyramid top from a reverse side of a figure.

41. Check result and bend inside the top obtuse angle.

42. Future tail close up. Open the pocket.

43. Check the results and bend inside front and back two blunt corners.

44. Curve outside a tail that it became completely white. For performance of this difficult action open a back part of a figure.

45. Result.

46. Around hind legs in front and behind make a fold lightning.

47. Fold the inside part of the belly and make the fold lightning on legs.

48. Bend inside a small corner.

49. Give final shape of the hind paw.

50. The same folds on the front paws.

51. The left corner  bent inside.

52. Give final shape of the front paw.

53. The body is ready. The arrow shows the pocket where inserted back right triangle of the head for her fixation.

54. The origami the Panda is ready. Black and white spots on a body and a muzzle of a figure immediately say- it is a panda!

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