In this article, we will fold origami pelican from the paper.

For this you need to take a square sheet of paper.

1. Fold the square in half.

2. Fold the top lateral sides to the central vertical.

3. Again, fold the top sides to the vertical. Turn the figure.

4. Fold it in half and turn.

5. Approximately two-thirds of the formed triangle bend  outside.

6. The upper part of the vertical triangle and bend  outside.It is future nose of a pelican. He must look forward.

7. Fold inside a tail of a pelican.

8. The tip of the tail pull out.

9. Slightly open a beak of origami from above and, pressing a finger on middle part bend it inside. Flatten out a beak of a pelican from sides.

10. One move – and just is transformed into bird pelican!

Here is what you should have.

Origami Pelican

Video folding origami “Pelican”

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