Penguin 3

We fold a penguin from paper.

1. We start to fold as shown in the picture and go to the picture 2.

2. Fold the resulting triangles upward. Check the result. Fold in half figure.

3. We start to fold as shown in the picture, сheck the result on the picture 4. Repeat on the other side.

4. Make legs to ours a penguin. Scissor there where it is highlighted with the fat line. Fold a triangle upward.

5. Form a pad, folding a triangle to the right. Forming a head of penguin folding the top triangle.

6. Here what has turned out. Repeat the same thing with the paw on the other side.

7. Origami penguin is ready.

Origami Penguin

Such penguin at us has to turn out.

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