The figure invented by Ekaterina Belokhvostova.

1. Fold a square white side up, and fold it diagonally.

2. Fold the top sides to the central vertical.

3. Bend left corner on a bisector of the bottom.

4. Fold the piece in half and turn a bit.

5. Fold the right side of the top. The fold line comes from point marked in paragraph 3.

6. Return the triangle to the starting position and completely open figure.

7. Accurately bend at the same time on all planned lines, paying attention to “mountains” and valleys. Turn a figure a little.

8. Right angles combine with blunt.

9. Bend the left corner of a figure inside so that his tip was given a little forward.

10. Turn out a future head of figure.Her inclination can be changed.

11. Bend inward and slightly receded, turn out the future beak.

12. Large shows the result of the folding head.

13. Origami a penguin is ready.

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