Polar bear

Origami Polar bear

In this article we will learn to fold origami a polar bear from paper.

1. Fold a square in half and turn it.

2. Fold on diagonals.

3. Fold at the same time on the planned lines.

4. The basic form  “double triangle”.

5. Fold the top her sides to the central vertical.

6. Check the results and turn figure.

7. Fold the right side to the left so that the fold line is divided in half a designated section.

8. Raise future paw upward and to the right on the specified line.

9. Repeat points 7-8 on the left and turn figure.

10. Fold the legs to the center of future figures.Lines of a bend pass do not end-to-end to side edges of the central part.

11. Hang future head down.

12. Open and flatten out pockets of paws,slightly moved  them in the parties.

13. Make two folds under right angles and seat a bear on a table. Achieve a stable position, slightly bent figure forward.

14. The origami a polar bear is ready.It is interesting that these polar bears are not rare just sit in this position. On the face figurine  you can put three black points – for the eyes and nose.

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