Sad puppy

Today we will learn how  to fold paper puppy.

The figure invented by Sergey Afonkin.

1. Fold a square on diagonal and bend to it the top sides.

2. The left half of the figures bend backwards.

3. Fold the figure on  bisector of the  specified angle.

4. Bend a bottom of a figure inside on the planned line.

5. Bend inside future tail. The line of inflection the left triangle forms a right angle with his side.

6. Curved outside the top part of a figure on the planned line.

7. Pull out the tip of the tail upwards. Fold the triangle connecting the marked points.

8. Fold on the planned line a muzzle tip inside.

9. Curve outside a tip of a tail and bend inside the top. Fold a tip of a muzzle, connecting marked points.

10. Fold ears. The position of folds double fold-zipper on the muzzle defines it shape.

11. Make a fold-zipper on each leg.

12. Fold inside protruding edges of  figure and slightly open.

13. Origami Sad puppy is ready.

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