Sakura flower

Origami sakura

We will learn to fold Sakura  flower from paper of origami. For this origami we need four similar  square sheets of paper. You can make  petals 5-6.It is necessary to do all actions listed in paragraphs 1-9 with each of four sheets of paper.

1. The first step is to carry out diagonal excesses.

2. Fold the corners on the dotted lines to the point of intersection of diagonal excesses,as it is shown  in the picture that corners have adjoined.

3. Workpiece bend back on the dotted line, as shown arrow in the picture. Turn  workpiece.


4. On corners from below of workpiece do excesses on the dotted lines.

5. In fold line straighten the lower corners of workpiece origami upward so that they become a smooth and symmetrical rhombuses.

6. On the dotted lines fold side corners of workpiece origami sakura. As a result, formed in the previous step rhombuses have to develop in half and turn into triangles.

7. Bend a detail of future flower in half on a dashed line.

8. Press on product edges, to straighten petals of future flower of  sakura. As a result the petal has turned out. One of the four necessary for making of flower.

9. Glue together sides of the turned out petals from outside, opposite to that which is specified by a side arrow. As a result, the side indicated by the arrow in the picture, will be external on a ready flower.


10. Glue together prepared four petals long sides.

 Origami Sakura flower

Origami a flower of Sakura is ready.

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