Origami snake

Hello.We shall fold snake from paper.

1. Fold the square sheet of paper diagonally and then develop.

2. To the planned line Fold the lower and top corners.

3. Basic form “kite”. Turn.

4. Now it is necessary for you lower the long side to the middle.

5. You should bend short side to the fold lines.

6. Bend the top part from yourself at an angle, folding a figure in half.

7. Lower corner, turning out it.

8. Slightly open work and make a fold lightning, letting out a corner tongue  down.

Fold the side parts , bending back piece of paper on the future head of a snake.

9. Clean corners in a figure. Make folds lightnings.

10. The origami of a snake is ready.

The usual snake will turn into a cobra if not to bend side parts the eighth step.

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