Talking fox

Origami Talking fox

Fold from the paper talking fox.

1.Fold the square sheet of paper “valley” in half and straighten the fold.

2.Now fold the sheet across.

3. To the line planned in paragraph 1, fold “valley” sides.

4. Straighten the pocket, having flattened out the top part of workpiece.

5. Basic “House” form.

6. Now you need to turn.

7. Fold the “valley” to the center line of the sides.

8. Turn off upward only one layer of paper.Repeat with the other hand.

9. Perform the fold “Valley”. Repeat with the other hand.

10.Fold the “valley” only one layer of paper of the lower part.

Repeat with the other hand.Turn.

11. Cutting from below,pressing the middle of the workpiece. Turn.


13. Origami Talking fox is ready.

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