The jumping frog

Origami - The jumping frog

We are going to do from paper jumping frog.

1. Make a horizontal an inflection.

2. Bend along the vertical.

3. Fold the top part to the middle.

4. Make two inflection diagonally in the top half.

5. Fold along the lines of inflection.

6. Fold the lower part in half.

7. Fold the sides toward the middle, leaving small distance.

8. Fold the lower part up.

9. Fold corners down.

10. Take for corners and pull.

11. Fold corners on a dotted line down.

12.  Fold side corners as shown in the picture.

13. Fold obliquely bottom corners.

14. Fold in half.

15. Fold down, but not in the middle and having a little receded up.

16. Turn.

17. Origami the jumping frog is ready.

 Press your finger to a table back part of her body  and let go.

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