Turkey (Gobbler)

Fold turkey from paper.

1. Fold a square in half.

2. Fold in half triangle.

3. Open and flatten out his left part.

4. Fold the lower sides of the square to the central vertical.

5. Fold on all these lines (two planned “Valley” should be “mountains”).

6. Fold rhomb in half.

7. In front and behind fold paper on bisectors of the specified corner.

7. In front and behind fold so, that  planned line would coincide with the central vertical figures.

9. Fold every future  foot along the bisector of the bottom corner.

10. Fold in half legs (note the line – “mountain” at the top!).

11. Lift one the top layer of paper so,that marked point would lie on the central vertical line figures.

12. Turn result and lower “side” down. Repeat folds 11-12 behind.

13. Now bend the tail outside on the planned line (for this purpose it is necessary to open wide).

14. Check the results. If everything is correct,let’s start legs.

15.Bend  them on bisectors of the specified angle.

16. Huge paws obtained!

17. Head largely. Bend it inside.

18. The tip bend the outside …

19. … and bend to the side.

20. Slightly open pockets of eyes a little.

21. The result was quite an impressive turkey!

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