Origami Wolf

Author Alfredo Giunta

1. Bend square diagonally and bend to her two adjacent sides.

2. Fold two other sides.

3. Fold figure in half.

4. Fold right sharp angle inward so that fold line of the side shared by about two equal parts.

5. Please note – formed right angles.On the right again bend future tail inside, and at the left bend future head to the right.The position is defined by a fold line to eye.

6. Again bend a tail inside.At the left open and flatten out a pocket. The line of a bend “valley” – a bisector of a bottom corner. At a flattening the top corner of a triangle falls down.

7. Future  tip of muzzle  bend back,and on the right lower a tail half down.

8. On the muzzle make a fold-lightning, and the right bend inside figures two small triangle.

9. Check the results and turn the figure.

10. “Throw” a triangle from right to left.

11. Fold two little triangles.

12. Raise up the ears so that they were issued beyond the contour figures.

13. The top angle fold down and turn the figure.

14. Pinch the sides of the muzzle and slightly lift it up.Slightly open bottom of the figure so that she could stand on the table.

15. That your wolf cub not really longed, lift to him a muzzle above and from two squares put a wolf and a she wolf more.

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