Categories paper origami

On our website there will be a huge amount of simple and clear schemes and also video lessons of origami. Choose what origami you can do for yourself of the following sections:

Folding schemes of origami animals and is not only.

Circuits origami folding plants. This section includes flowers that can be found in a separate category.

Circuits origami flower folding of section “Origami of plants” highlighted in a separate category.

Circuits origami folding of different objects.

Circuits of origami of equipment, part of the section of origami  objects.

Circuits origami of folding that need to  inflate.

The movable folding origami circuit. Everything that moves, jumps, skips.

Circuits origami consisting of several sheets of paper by folding.

Circuits origami of folding napkins for table layout.

Circuits origami of folding consisting of the same small triangles folded particular way.

A selection of origami from all sections of the folding circuits containing the videos.

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