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Napkin Diagonal
We will put a napkin “Diagonal” .   1. Fold the napkin on average line. 2. The left half of napkin fold right. 3. Check result and turn by 90 degrees anticlockwise. 4. Make sure that the 4 corners have appeared above right. Also fold and one layer of napkins mapping out diagonal. 5. Fold […]

Napkin “Diagonal”

Napkin Lily
1. Fold the basic triangle form. 2. Fold “valley” side corners. 3. Turn up only one layer of paper. 4. Fold “valley” the following layer of paper. 5. Make one more fold “valley”. 6.Fold back”mountain” at once two layers of paper. 7. Fold the workpiece, having connected the right and left corners. 8. […]

Napkin “Lily”

Origami Cracker
We collect origami cracker. Such cracker from paper was collected, and collected in the school, all children our homeland. Otherwise it is origami call still “Pugach” . It is the best of all to fold  with a double writing-book leaf. 1. Mark the line. 2. Fold “valley” four folds. 3. Fold in […]


Napkin for silverware
1. Fold the basic shape of “book”. 2. Fold in half the workpiece. 3.Here that has turned out. Turn 4. Fold “valley” only one layer of paper. 5. Turn away the second layer of paper down. 6. Do the same folding of “the valley” the third layer of paper      7. […]

Napkin for silverware

Napkin Fan
Hi. Now  we will learn to do napkin “Fan” 1. Fold the basic shape of “book”. 2. Fold in half the workpiece. 3. Fold “accordion”. 4. Make the fold “mountain”, as shown in the picture. 5. Perform one more fold “mountain”. 6. Fold the “valley” the lower layer of paper at an […]

Napkin “Fan”

Origami Pinwheel
On this page we will learn to do pinwheel from paper which rotates from wind. For this purpose we need a square sheet of paper of any color. 1. We do 4 diagonal cut as shown in the picture. It is better previously to bend and unbend the sheet of paper diagonally. 2.  Twist a tubule […]


Origami Fighter aircraft
Hi. Now we  will do the fighter aircraft from paper.   1. Mark the line. 2. Fold two corners. 3. Fold the “valley”. 4. Fold “mountain” 5. Fold the “valley”. Repeat with the other side. Turn. 6. Fold the wings as shown in the picture. 7. Our fighter aircraft from paper is […]

Fighter aircraft