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Origami waterfowl
We fold origami  waterfowl from paper. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop. 2. To the planned line fold the lower and top corners. 3. The basic form  “kite”. Turn. 4. Fold in half on the planned diagonal. 5. Bend the left corner inside and up. 6. Once […]


Origami squirrel
We fold squirrel from paper. 1. We begin fold as shown in the picture and we move on to the figure 2. 2. Fold the turning-out triangle up. 3. Fold the two triangles inside. Fold in half figure. 4. Fold  triangle inward. 5. Сurve future head inside. Make fold of on the leg […]


Origami butterfly
We fold a butterfly from paper . 1. Take a square sheet of paper and mark it on the diagonal. 2. Mark two more folds, folding the sheet in half and straightened it. 3. Mark the four folds, folding all the corners to the center and then straightened them. 4. Make […]


Origami dachshund
Fold dachshund from paper. 1. Start with a square size of about 9×9 cm and fold it diagonally. 2. Bend all four corners to the center. 3. Bend on diagonals. 4. Bend back to the midline. 5. Now bend at the same time on the lines planned in paragraphs 3-4. 6. […]


Valentines Day card
We fold a Valentine’s Day card on a support from paper. 1. Take a sheet A4. Mark the line. 2. Fold the sides of the workpiece to the center line. 3. Mark two lines. 4. Mark the line. 5. Fold left and right at the same time raising up with the fold “valley” […]

Valentine’s Day card on a support (Heart)

origami small pillow
1. Do two basic forms “book”. On one workpiece lower left corner fold up,and the upper right – down.Second workpiece fold differently : fold the left top corner down, and right lower – up. 2. This is that you have got. Second workpiece turn. 3. Join two pieces as shown in the picture. 4.Turn. […]

Small pillow

Origami water lily
We put a waterlily (lily) from paper. 1. Fold “valley” all corners to the center. 2. Fold “valley” all corners to the center. 3. Fold “valley” all corners to the center. 4. Result. Give to each corner the letter so that later it was easier to carry out all remaining paragraphs.Turn. […]

Lily (water lily)

Origami airplane
We collectting the airplane from paper. 1. Mark the line. 2. Fold  two corners. 3. Fold “valley”. 4. Lower corners. 5. Fold valley. 6. Fold “mountain”. Turn. 7. Lower wings down. 8. Bend angle of 90 degrees both wings. 9. Airplane from paper is ready.


Origami napkins lotus flower
In this article we will show you how to fold a lotus origami from paper. We will need a square sheet of paper. 1. Mark the line on diagonals of the sheet flexing and unbent  back along the dashed  lines in the picture. 2. Fold four corners of square to the middle of future […]

Napkin “Lotus flower”

Origami crown
 Fold  crown from paper.   1. Fold a square sheet of paper on diagonal and develop. 2. Now put “valley” all corners to the center. 3. The basic form  “pancake”. Turn. 4. Fold sides workpiece so that the angle went outside. 5. Wrap the acting corners under the top layer […]


Origami star
Fold  origami eight-pointed star from paper. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on diagonal, and then develop. 2. To the planned line put the lower and top corners 3. The basic form “kite”.    4. Expand. 5. Bend the “valley” angles. 6. Fold  again “Valley”. 7. Result. Make 8 such  blanks. […]

The eight-pointed star