Monthly Archives: August 2016

Origami christmas tree
Fold  Christmas tree from paper. 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold in half again. 3. Straighten and flatten out  the top layer of paper. 4. Now turn. 5. Fold the “valley” the top layer of paper. 6. Straighten and flatten the top layer of […]

Christmas Tree in the snow

Origami cube
Now we will put origami  cube from paper.   1. The basic form  “door”. Develop. 2. Fold top right and lower left corners “valley”. 3. Fold sides  to the center line. 4. Fold the workpiece on  the  specified lines, and then develop. 5. Fill the bottom right corner in a pocket. […]


Origami module
Fold the paper module  to a modular origami.   1. Now it is necessary for you to divide the sheet A4 into 16 parts.You can fold sheet in half, then to cut,then then sliced part folded in half and cut until you have 16 identical parts. 2. Now you will take 1/16 of A4 […]