Daily Archives: 04.09.2016

Origami box
  1. Fold the base form  “book”. 2. Unbend top on the specified line one layer of paper.Repeat on the other side. 3. Bend corners up. Repeat on the other hand. 4. Turn away only one layer of paper. Repeat on the other side. 5. Mark two folds. 6. Expand […]


Origami car
We fold origami the car from paper. 1. Fold the square sheet in half and expand. 2. To the planned line fold sides. 3. The basic form  “door”. 4. Fold the top layer of paper by executing two fold “valley”. 5. Fold the workpiece “mountain”. 6. Bend corners inside. 7. […]


Origami sakura
We will learn to fold Sakura  flower from paper of origami. For this origami we need four similar  square sheets of paper. You can make  petals 5-6.It is necessary to do all actions listed in paragraphs 1-9 with each of four sheets of paper. 1. The first step is to carry out diagonal excesses. 2. […]

Sakura flower